I do!

I also do groups, and have some automated courses as well. I’ve created curriculum to fit any student’s time and Finance constraints, just let me know if you’re looking for something free or paid. and I can find the right program for you!

It’s worked for many, and I’m hoping to help many more. I do my best to increase your score, the real question you can ask is do you believe in yourself. To see how it worked for other people check out my testimonials.

Of course! I’ve been teaching a long time, I’m of the opinion that people with special needs tend to be better students than those without. They are humble enough to learn. Bruce Lee said it best, “the usefulness of a cup is when it’s empty.” If you think you already know everything it’s much tougher to teach you, you’ll want to be teachable, in order to learn.

You don’t need a laptop to attend class, It’s helpful, but not mandatory. I’ve taught students through the Zoom App on their cellphones and tablets.

All regular and bonus classes are both live, and recorded. I’ll make sure you can ask questions, and I record it so that you can look back at any lessons you miss. Or even ones that you attended but still would like to review.

I’ll work with any student who is willing to learn.


… My favorite students are those that are already in the military for three reasons:

  1. Being in the military gets respect for my earned rank (2LT), as well as my teaching/leading ability.
  2. They recognize the gravity of the test, they’ll put in the study time and effort because they see the difference between the military members doing what they want and those doing what they’re told.
  3. Military folks aren’t shooting for the minimum. They will put in the work to get the MAXIMUM SCORE POSSIBLE.

The truth is, you’ll get out of this program what you put into it. If you put in just enough effort to barely pass you may or may not pass. But if you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll have a support network to help you get after it in my class. I’ll believe you can progress through these subjects for as long as you believe in yourself (and sometimes, a little longer).

You can start with an Automated course here.


If you’d like to get some one on one coaching DM me on InstaGram @mickey.gamonal and I’ll meet with you to see if you’re a good fit for one on one coaching.