About Me - Mickey Gamonal - The ASVAB Tutor


Michael Gamonal

Michael “Mickey” Gamonal was born in 1989 in Tooele UT. Since then, he has received a Bachelor’s degree in Education from UNLV. Then, he went to Morocco for 2.5 years with the United States Peace Corps. After returning, he taught snowboarding for two seasons and worked as a long term substitute teacher in Las Vegas. After teaching everything from English in Arabie, to Snow Boarding for adults math to middle school students he decided it or never to be a “warrior and a member of a HI to was now team.”

He joined the US Army in September of 2019 and was an officer in the Las Vegas National Guard by March of 2020. Scoring a 97 on the ASVAB came naturally for Gamonal because he had been teaching the skills needed to dominate the ASVAB for years before taking it himself. As your tutor, he wants to help his students in any way possible. His biggest strength as a tutor is that he lifts up the lowest scoring students with patience and understanding. He’ll often remember how bad he was at speaking Arabic when he first got to Morocco; it serves as a constant reminder that learning new skills takes time and practice, and it is his privilege to work with students who feel that they can’t learn the simple stuff and that they’ll “always be bad at math.”


Kristen Titus

Kristen is a 16 year certified educator who has taught reading, writing, math and science to students ages 10-20. Kristen also worked as a school administrator as well and worked as an engineering project coordinator prior to becoming a teacher. She is passionate about helping every student meet their goals and runs a private tutoring program as well.

Kristen has a BA in Biology from the University of Delaware and MAT degree from the University of Tampa.

Kristen is the mom of two sons, Brendan, 19, and Connor, 17. Brendan is a medic in the US Army currently serving at Schofield in Hawaii. Connor is currently a senior in high school. She also is passionate about working with local rescue organizations to help local animals find forever families and has 6 fur children including 3 dogs and 3 cats.

Students say: “working with Kristen is amazing! You can tell she has been teaching a long time and has many different ways to explain something if you’re feeling stuck. Such a professional teacher!”


Jason Mouannes

Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. Happily married to his wife, Makayla Lyons. He currently works full-timing representing the State of Nevada – Office of the Attorney General working as Deputy Ombudsman in Las Vegas for victims and survivors of violent crimes. Some of his responsibilities include outreach and education on the topics of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking throughout the State while participating in the transformation of public policy around these issues. Prior to working with the State of Nevada, he was a kids fitness instructor and gym supervisor for the YMCA of Southern Nevada. More importantly and for the past eight years, he specializes as a math tutor in Algebra and Geometry while empowering students through personal development strategies that serve them beyond their education journey. He is passionate about helping students learn how to approach different ASVAB problems with unique solutions.

Students say this: “I like Jason’s classes because you can tell he cares. He asks things like, “which part is the most confusing?” “Was this useful,” he really breaks things down in a way that is understandable.


Ahmad Mosa

Ahmad Ismail Mosa has  a bachelor’s degree in English.  He has lived and worked in the United States for several years. I teaches American English vocabulary, and has 13 years of military experience. I have attended various military courses in the United States. Ahmad approaches English as an English Language Learner which benefits both native, and foreign language learners in learning about the components of Word Knowledge, and Paragraph Comprehension. Ahmad enjoys playing chess and hiking. 

Students say – “Ahmad puts plenty of time into his lessons, he spends time answering all questions with the most clarity possible.