Join host Mickey Gamonal on the ASVAB Domination Podcast as he interviews Natalia Orezzoli, founder and CEO of ASVAB Success. Natalia shares her journey from a research scientist to an ASVAB tutor, her personal experience scoring a 97 on the ASVAB, and her insights on the importance of practice and tailored instruction. They discuss the benefits of group learning, strategies for non-native English speakers, and Natalia’s impactful experience helping students achieve their military career goals. Discover valuable tips for mastering the ASVAB and learn about ASVAB Success’s courses and tutoring services.

00:00 Welcome to the ASVAB Domination Podcast!
01:03 Meet Natalia Orezzoli: ASVAB Success Story
01:40 Natalia’s Unique Journey to ASVAB Tutoring
03:16 Scoring High on the ASVAB: Natalia’s Personal Experience
06:33 Empowering Non-English Speakers to Ace the ASVAB
11:58 The Power of Group Tutoring in ASVAB Preparation
16:04 Making ASVAB Tutoring Accessible and Affordable
19:19 Transforming Lives Through Education
19:51 Exploring One-on-One and Group Learning Options
21:00 Maintaining Neutrality in Military Branch Choices
24:04 Personalizing the Learning Experience
30:43 Advice for English as a Second Language (ESL) Learners
33:14 Closing Remarks and Resources

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