Serving Beyond Age: A Journey to Navy Reserves with May Wickenhauser

This episode of the ASVAB Domination Podcast features host Mickey Gamonal interviewing May Wickenhauser, a 41-year-old special education teacher who decided to join the U.S. military. May shares her unique story of deciding to serve later in life, the motivations behind her choice, and how she prepared for the ASVAB test with the aim of enlisting before reaching the cutoff age. The conversation covers May’s personal background, her inspirations, and the specifics of navigating the recruitment process as an older applicant, including medical evaluations and choosing between the Navy and Air Force. Mae’s journey illustrates the value of life experiences in the military application process and the encouragement she provides to both her children and students to follow their dreams. The episode also promotes for ASVAB prep courses.

00:00 A Casual Start: Tanks, Planes, and Inspiring the Kids
00:16 Introducing the ASVAB Domination Podcast
00:56 Mae’s Unique Journey to the ASVAB
01:20 From Civilian Life to Military Aspirations
03:12 Inspiration and Decision: A Family’s Military Journey
06:52 Choosing the Navy: A Personal and Professional Leap
08:04 Preparing for Boot Camp and Beyond
29:08 Reflecting on the Journey and Looking Ahead
31:16 ASVAB Prep Courses: Your Path to Military Success

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