Empowering the Military Community: Jai Salters Mission with ActNow Education

In this episode of the ASVAB Domination Podcast, host Mickey Gamonal interviews Jai Salters, who works with ActNow Education, a nonprofit devoted to aiding military personnel and their families transition into tech careers. ActNow Education, established in 2001, aims to assist 1,000 service members, with 70 already supported under Jai’s guidance. The organization offers free access to educational resources, certificate programs, and job fairs, intending to enhance the military community’s job prospects in technology and beyond. Jai also shares his personal journey from scoring 42 on the ASVAB to becoming a commissioned Navy officer and emphasizes the importance of hard work, lifelong learning, and networking in achieving career success.

00:00 Introduction to ASVAB Domination Podcast
00:16 Meet Jai Salters: A Mission to Empower Service Members
01:57 Exploring ActNow Education’s Impact and Programs
17:45 Jai’s Personal Journey and ASVAB Story
23:40 The Journey Through Navy Qualifications
24:31 Embracing Lifelong Learning and Helping Others
27:20 From Navy to Nonprofit: A Transition Story
28:30 ASVAB Preparation: Tools and Tips
32:47 Comparing ASVAB to Other Certification Exams
34:58 The Challenge of High-Stakes Testing
39:04 Mentorship and Setting High Career Goals
39:53 Engaging the Community: Act Now Education
41:14 The Importance of Preparation and Mentorship
45:46 Closing Remarks and Resources for ASVAB Prep


Act Now Education: https://actnoweducation.org/

Jai Salters: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jai-salters

ASVAB Domination: Asvabdomination.com

Gamonal Tutors: gamonaltutors.com

Peterson’s Test Prep: https://www.petersons.com/testprep/asvab/