In this episode of ASVAB Domination Podcast, we have the honor of hosting Daniel J. Seehafer, the National Commander of [The American Legion](, the largest veteran service organization in the United States.

Key Points

1. **The Mission of The American Legion **
– Since its establishment in 1919, The American Legion has been dedicated to serving the needs of servicemembers, veterans, and their families.
– With over 1.6 million members and 12,000 community posts nationwide, The American Legion tackles the greatest challenges facing veterans today.

2. **Be The One Initiative:**
– [The American Legion](’s top priority is tackling veteran suicide and promoting mental health awareness through its Be The One initiative.
– This initiative addresses various aspects of veterans’ wellbeing, including mental health, social connections, physical health, family health, spiritual health, career health, and financial health.

3. **Veterans Employment and Education Portfolio:**
– The American Legion’s Veterans Employment and Education division focuses on facilitating a smooth transition from military to civilian life.
– They advocate for policies like the GI Bill and work with partners like Hire Our Heroes to provide job fairs and employment opportunities for veterans.
– Through the Taskforce Movement, they collaborate with corporate stakeholders to find employment avenues for veterans, addressing talent gaps in industries like trucking and supply chain.

4. **National Commander’s Testimony:**
– National Commander Seehafer is preparing to testify before Congress to fight for veteran benefits, emphasizing the importance of supporting those who served.

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