“Everyone leans one way Geometry or Algebra.”

I’ve heard this many times and I’ve also said it in the past. While I think I’m more advanced now I would say numbers vs shapes. People are still likely to have a preference one way or another, but more likely than not, it depends more on how you learned these topics than any innate predisposition for them.

Some topics that I love to teach in Algebra:
Mean Median Mode
Slope Intersept Fom

Some topics that I love to teach in Geometry:
Area of a triangle, rectangle, cube.
Angles supplementary, complimentary, obtuse, acute, right

Personally I think that I had a phenomenal geometry teacher (spherical geometry, fourth dimension geometry) And some epic calculus teachers (calc 1, 2, and 3) plus a good batch of stats teachers.

End of the day all these subjects are related, getting better at algebra will help your geometry and vice versa, so try not to avoid topics any more, but look for the patterns in how they relate to one another.

As Always,

Be good to yourself, treat yourself as a learner.

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