This podcast is near and dear to my heart. Even in hosting this podcast my consistency has fallen apart a few different times, however those failures to be consistent but returning to the goal helps to remind me that it’s never too late.

Honestly, many things in my life that I’ve tried to get good at (weight loss, running, guitar, tagalog, etc.) I’ll make a lot of good progress for a week or two, but eventually my old habits will come back for me and I’ll lose sight of my goals.

I would argue that this is a mandatory event in the process of making lasting change in your life.

The trap we all fall into – berating ourselves (treat yourself as a friend)

Tomorrow I will do some things perfect, and I’ll do somethings terribly, but that’s part of the journey that we’re all on

As Always,

Be good to yourself, treat yourself as a learner.

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