Think of everyone who has ever supported you in your dreams.

Vacuums and batteries. We all know people who would say good things and bad things to us. After meeting with someone (or talking, texting, messaging, emailing, see

ing posts, interacting, etc.) you feel either more or less energy. People who charge you up are rare, you’ll want to return that favor and keep them around.

My example of this is my wife. Sheena Gamonal, just returned from Honeymoon, wedding, festivities. Since I’ve met her she has always been a battery. Constantly filling me with love and excitement for the future, my world is much fuller with her in it.

She’s always pushed me to keep chasing what I want. I’d never have a TikTok presence, I’d have no booklet, I’d have no real belief in my business without her. I’m very fortunate to have Sheena in my life, “picking the right partner is like printing your own money.”

Things occasionally get tough in a relationship. I don’t even like myself half the time, why would I expect to like someone else 100% of the time, or to like me 100% of the time. We clash, but we find ways to mitigate that. Just like I clash with myself on various topics, I don’t do things I wish I had. But, I have to treat myself as a friend, and even when I don’t… At least I have Sheena who will have my back.

Land Navigation story at OCS – Ranger land nav course half night, half day. I got pretty lucky, many folks got recycled due to injury. I was certain that if I got rejected as an officer that I could still come back to my wife. I know that I’d feel like a failure, but that having someone in my corner who didn’t think that about me would make a major difference in my life. I remember very vividly sweating in the dark in a light rain looking for points in the wilderness, and four hours of stress later being resigned to, well, at least Sheena still loves me.

At the end of the day be good to folks who are good to you.

I love you Sheena Gamonal, thanks for being my wife 🙂

As Always,

Be good to yourself, treat yourself as a learner.

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