When it comes to the simple mistakes those are usually the things that make the biggest difference. Remember the way the test works they’re checking to see if you’re making simple mistakes. So Always be sure to check your work, if a question is easy and gives you an exact answer it means one of two things, you either did it exactly right, or you did it exactly wrong. Something simple like getting the perimeter when you’re supposed to be looking for the area can completely sink your score, so make sure your fundamentals are solid before you move on to more complicated math things. ALSO! Remember that time you tried to estimate how long it was going to take you to drive to that appointment so you could figure out how late you were going to be. That was an exercise in adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers! Just because you’ve told yourself for a long time that you’re not good at math doesn’t mean that you’re not using it on a daily basis so, remember to be patient with yourself.

1. Adding Positive and Negative Numbers

2. Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers

3. Area and Perimeter

These three concepts are simple, but if you get them wrong they will destroy your score so make sure you’ve got the basics down so that when you’re spending time learning slope intercept form you know that the easy parts will be easy points.

Here’s the YouTube video I mention in this episode:

As Always,

Be good to yourself, treat yourself as a learner.

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