There is a TON of misinformation out there. In this episode I cover the three myths about the ASVAB

  1. The ASVAB is easier based on which computer you use.
  2. If I fail too many times I won’t be able to take the test anymore
  3. I’ll study later

Number three is really important to me. When I left for Peace Corps (a 2 year commitment) I was going to be achieving my life long goal. Everything in my life had led me to joining the Peace Corps and doing some good in a foreign nation for 2 years. As I headed out of country for a couple of years I used that time to ask the people around me a few questions. I knew that some things in the world would change over the next two years, and some would not. So when I returned I was surprised by how many things stayed the exact same. People still complained about the same struggles, people felt stuck. The truth was (and is) things rarely change unless you put a TON of effort into changing them yourself. So put in the work, and get after it!

As Always,

Be good to yourself, treat yourself as a learner.

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